(editing services)

I started reading at age three, thirty-six years ago. I was a librarian for twenty years and a writing tutor for a few years before that, so I’ve read a lot, and it’s helped me develop an eye for what works in a story. If there’s one thing that gives me more pleasure than reading (or writing) a good story, it’s helping pull a good story together. I’ve done a few editing jobs in the past year or so, and they’ve been well received enough that I’ve decided to go public with my services.


Things I’ve worked on:

The following books are all ones I’ve copy edited, proofread, eyeballed or otherwise had a hand in:

A Shadow of Autumn (ed. Gwendolyn Kiste)

Omega Pathogen: Mayhem (by J. G. Hicks, Jr.)

Omega Pathogen: Despair (by J. G. Hicks, Jr.)

Grans & Ammo (by Mark Farley)

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel (ed. Nathan Hystad)

Heart Blade (by Juliana Spink Mills)

Explorations: First Contact (ed. Nathan Hystad & Scarlett R. Algee)

Journeys (ed. Teresa Edgerton)



  • Novella or short novel, 10,000-50,000 words: $150
  • Novel, 50,000-100,000 words: $300
  • Novel, 100,000-200,000 words: $450
  • Novel synopsis, 1-2 pages: $25
  • Novel synopsis, over 2 pages: $50
  • Novel sample, 1-3 chapters: $75

All prices are in USD and include proofreading (spelling, punctuation, and grammar correction), copy editing (wording and plot continuity correction), fact checking, formatting, and commentary on plot, plausibility, and characterization.



I am open to all genres except traditional/historical romance and religious fiction. (Paranormal romance, “extreme” horror, and erotica will all be considered.)

I’m willing to edit works of any length. If you have a manuscript that is less than 10,000 words or more than 300,000, please contact me at scarlettralgee@gmail.com (subject: Editing) and we’ll work out a suitable fee.

I currently accept payments through PayPal, Google Wallet, and Skrill.

About the Editor:

Scarlett R. Algee’s fiction has appeared in several places, including Sanitarium Magazine, Body Parts Magazine, and the recent anthologies Zen of the Dead and Lupine Lunes. Her story “Dark Music,” an episode of The Lift, was a 2016 Parsec Awards finalist. She obtained a BA in English from Lambuth University in 2000, has done graduate work in English grammar, and lives in the wilds of Tennessee with a Hound of Tindalos cleverly disguised as a beagle.