My new episode for The Lift is up!

I’m honored to have been chosen to kick off Season 3 for this amazing podcast. Here’s the teaser text:

Caught stealing from his boss, Harry’s in big trouble, and one thing he doesn’t have is time on his hands. But someone’s willing to help save him from himself.

You can catch the episode here.


Sometimes I get overwhelmed.

Do you ever just get kind of humbled by the fact people want the stuff you write? No? Just me? Okay.

Things I have lined up for 2018 release so far: four reprints (one is already out), three original short stories (two as podcasts), and several things still in the sub process awaiting their fates.

Hoping for a good year.


Going forward

I already have three (!) story releases lined up for 2018–two reprints (the sixth and seventh reprints, respectively, of my most favorite story), and a new podcast episode.

This has never happened before.

Little by little, I’m getting there.


Explorations: Colony!

The bestselling anthology series continues with 12 brand new, never-before-seen stories! Become an Explorer today!

The war is over, Earth all but decimated, the Sun dying. But there is still hope. Colony ships leave, taking the lucky ones across the galaxy in search of new worlds to call home. Among the stars they will find strange wonders, and new terrors. 

Join an all-star cast as they set forth on Earth’s most important Exploration yet in Explorations: Colony!


Melt – Felix R Savage

Knowledge at Any Cost – Jasper T Scott

The Unsung Heroes of Sublevel 12 – Amy DuBoff

The Failsafe – Ian Whates

Fleeing the Fire – Ralph Kern

The Colony of Imago – Scott Bartlett

Spiderfall – Scott Moon

Colony: Earth – Robert M Campbell

Howl – Scarlett R Algee

A Time and a Space – Nathan Hystad

The Light of Distant Earth – Tim C Taylor

A Change of Plans – Dennis E Taylor


New releases!

I swear, the regularity with which I forget about this thing tells me I should hire an assistant to post for me, haha.

New stories from me: “The One Who Waits,” in Explorations: War (Woodbridge Press, August 2017). My first attempt at a serious sci-fi story, and I think it came out with a nice slow-burn effect. I’ll let you judge 🙂

“Ticker” (hey, a steampunk haunting story!) and “Clary Recollected” (a woman’s murder, seen through various sets of eyes–something of a very dark prose poem) in Possessions 3 (Third from the Right Productions, August 2017).

“Seeing Shadows” is a story of a small-town Southern boy with an unwanted ability, and its consequences. First printed in Sanitarium #50, it’s been reprinted at Dark Fire Fiction.

Forthcoming: a new episode for The Lift, and my second sci-fi horror story, “Howl,” in Woodbridge Press’ Explorations: Colony. More on those as they’re released!


And back again.

Just a short post to say: life has been happening. My mother is in bad health so I’ve taken on her care, and I’ve done a lot more writing than editing lately (and my phone died so I’m just getting to reinstalling WP on the new one).

That said, updates to my Published Fiction and Editing Services pages will be worked out this weekend.